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I have clients all over the United States, in Japan, and several other countries. Feedback I have received from my clients is below.


"I just finished checking through your translation. It was excellent--you certainly made my job easy!!!"

"Thanks for the very quick work. I really appreciate the cultural information you sent me which was invaluable and I was very impressed with your work. We will not hesitate to utilize your services again."

"What an absolutely beautiful job you did on the formatting on this  its really great!"
"We enjoyed working with you on this project and thanks so much for all your hard work and great services!"
"We are pleased as always with your work."
"You have an extraordinary editor. I can't recall getting such detailed feedback from an agency."
"Thank you for returning the file so quickly! Your hard work is very appreciated."
 (Translation: "I was able to turn in the report I received. Thanks so much for always responding to our short time frames.")   
 (Translation: "I was surprised at your super-fast response. It helps because we always have urgent needs.") 
 (Translation: "You always do fast and excellent work for us, so I end up depending on you.")